Yellow dog collars online dating

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Yellow dog collars online dating

What is the dog doing that makes you think that your only recourse is to inflict pain on it in an attempt to change it's natural behavior?

Those are vocal breeds, chances are you'd be better served changing your behavior. My daughter (who lives with me) has an 8 month old yellow lab who loves to bark, even while doing her business outside, at snow flakes, at a leaf blowing in the wind, etc.

That's a method some dog trainers use, however, this dog apparently loves it, so that didn't work for us.I tried it on my barker for an hour and she didn't seem fazed..then again she's had 12 years of barking, is somewhat blind and somewhat deaf - just how deaf I don't actually know.So she prolly can't even hear the high pitched noise.Once she discovered she had a voice, there was no stopping her.My daughter bought an electronic collar to see if it would work.

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IMHO it was a more acceptable solution then risking them being run over by a gravel filled dump truck. But it let him know what kind of pain and torture the animal would be going through.

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