Who is rupert friend dating 2016

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Who is rupert friend dating 2016

Sarah Vine reportedly sent her husband an email, when Johnson was still a candidate for leader, warning: “We” (she and Gove, that is) have to get assurances from Boris, in order to secure support from the You see, we’ve got our country back.

Instead of Britain resting in the hands of unelected bureaucrats from Europe, it’s now ruled by accountable people, such as Rupert Murdoch and Michael Gove’s wife.

The current wife will be allowed to stand again in four years, but there are rumours Angela Merkel will put herself forward, and Abbey Clancy, and maybe Boris Johnson, because to anyone who wants to make a real difference, the role of Michael Gove’s Wife offers more power than junior posts such as Mayor of London or President of the United States of America.

By coincidence, one of the newspapers she mentioned as vital in deciding who becomes Prime Minister is the one she writes for.

Hopefully, Cameron and Boris met up last night over a brandy and agreed, “Hmmm, it only took us a few years between us to wreck Britain, now let’s try somewhere more challenging like China. Soon it will seem normal to say, “Oh, Bruce Forsyth has become leader of the Liberal Democrats”, and to see Jay-Z is standing for Labour leader with an announcement, “Hey, ya ready for a press statement?

I said, ya need a leader that looks regal, done stuff illegal, drives faster than a hunting beagle, so vote for me, not this bitch Eagle.” The people we have to feel really sorry for are those who voted Leave and now regret it.

For decades the dominant idea in society, supported by both Labour and the Conservatives, has been that every question facing us should be answered by the demands of big business.

No coherent opposition to this has won effective support, but now there is immense fury at the consequences of this form of rule – against insecurity and the housing shortage, against food banks and useless railways.

The result is that the base of Labour and the Tories is crumbling.

The only sensible conclusion we can draw from this week’s events is that we need more Etonians from the Bullingdon Club running the country.

All that money on school fees guarantees its pupils emerge with an assured presence – impeccable characters who always make calm rational choices.

He was working as a doorman (at the Station Hotel and Bar) when he punched his victim causing him to suffer a serious he...

She pleaded guilty to theft in Wrexham on 24 September 2017.

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It’s reasonable that Vine dictates the terms of the next Prime Minister, as she was fairly elected to the important constitutional role of Michael Gove’s Wife.

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