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Note: These examples are based on the Cent OS 7 operating system so steps may vary slightly for other Linux distributions.

If Distro X is configured to read the hardware clock as local time, it will show the time correctly, but if Distro Y is configured to read the hardware clock as set to UTC, then it will show an incorrect time.

There are many different services such as Kerberos that depend on the time of a Linux system being accurate in order to function correctly.

It is therefore important to ensure that system time is synchronized with an external source so that it can be kept accurately up to date, this is done with the network time protocol (NTP).

Your Linux system will generally have two clocks, a hardware clock/real time clock (RTC) and a system clock.

The hardware clock is physically present and continues to run from battery power even if the system is not plugged into a power source, this is how the time stays in place when there is no power available.

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We can manually synchronize the hardware clock to the system clock if required, this would generally only be required if there was no NTP server available.

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