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Besides the heritage observances, students also volunteer thousands of hours in the local community working on community projects, mentoring school children and participating in community events. “I want to give you just a little bit of history and I want you to recognize something about your faculty and I think you need to understand from a historical perspective just how far we as noncommissioned officers and the corps of noncommissioned officers have come,” Chandler said. Marine Corps; and 37 international students from 30 countries. For more photos of the event visit the USASMA website at click on USASMA Photo Archive. “What a lot of people don’t know is that in 1973 at least half of the staff and faculty, including the teachers in the classroom were officers. ” Chandler asked the students to think about what they want their NCOs to be able to do in the future, adding that they, the future sergeants major will be the ones who will lead the Army into the future. The Army’s culminating enlisted Professional Military Education (PME) institution is the Sergeants Major Course. “Therefore these women did not stop; they continued to fight just like you are going to continue the fight. These women are patriarchs of their families,” she said. Soldiers are provided an education that teaches them to enhance their character, self-expression, and strengthen teamwork abilities.Prior to the passage of the 19th Amendment women were expected to focus on two things, housework and motherhood – not politics.” Yarbrough then turned her attention to women of the present like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Rodham Clinton who ran for the presidency, but said many in the crowd didn’t have to look far for trailblazers and pioneers in their own lives. “You can also add any name of a woman from the military that inspired you along the way. The course assists in the development of logical, practical and original reasoning abilities necessary for problem solving.The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy officially recognized Women’s Equality Day Aug. Each department introduced their staff and gave an overview of the curriculum of that department.

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Anthony; these women represent the suffrage movement. Army retired and a graduate of Sergeants Major Course Class 56 was the guest speaker for the USASMA Women’s Equality Day Observance held Aug. She challenged the women in the audience to “keep the faith and remember, ladies of Class 65, (you) pioneers and trailblazers in the audience that you are now carrying the torch of trailblazers and pioneers. The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy recognized two individuals Aug. Dennis Defreese, commandant of the Academy, hosted the event. The Army’s culminating enlisted Professional Military Education (PME) institution is the Sergeants Major Course.

This was a 70-year battle that emerged victorious with the passage of the 19th Amendment,” Yarbrough said. Please do not be the one to let the flame go out.” “As a matter of fact some can go back to our own family where our mothers, grandmothers, aunties, who instilled nothing but wisdom in us. 22 for their contributions to the education, training and lineage of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps and NCO Education System by inducting them into the USASMA Hall of Honor. Also attending were several special guests who included Sgt. This course provides tools to develop critical reasoning, creative thinking and decision-making skills.

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“Remember, ladies of Class 65, (you) pioneers and trailblazers in the audience,” she said. Before Chandler spoke those in attendance were treated to a quick narrated history of the Sergeants Major Course as well as the diverse makeup of Class 65. With the pomp completed, it was now time for the circumstance. “Now at this point this class has already heard me speak about a half a dozen times. Chandler III as he challenges the class to think about the future and how they will shape it.