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The unusual ring is also presumed returned to the Royal Vaults and possibly one option Harry could offer his girlfriend.

Currently the most lavish ring in the Royal Collection belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall, whose Art Deco stunner once belonged to the Queen Mother.

Lorna also thought that Harry could avoid coloured stones altogether and follow in the footsteps of other young royals such as Zara Tindall and Autumn Phillips and stick with a plain diamond.

She said: "He could also choose to use one of his mother’s precious diamonds to create a timeless but very personal solitaire diamond ring."Something simple but striking like a Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring would work perfectly and allow her to stack it neatly with her wedding ring."Whatever he decides on, I’m sure the loved-up prince’s choice will become a must-have design for future proposals – so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the first glance!

The Royal Family has tried to maintain a squeaky clean image since the 1900’s.

This feat, however, would prove to be more difficult than they imagined.

Later that year, recorded transcripts of Prince Charles and his mistress’ (Camilla Parker Bowles) conversations were also published.

Another American who made her way into the Royal Family - in much less happy circumstances - was Wallis Simpson.In 1993, Princess Diana made a speech regarding the awareness of eating disorders and how to understand them better at a conference in West London.Before her death in 1997, Princess Diana had found the road to recovery, as well as happiness, as she embarked on her new life and enjoyed the taste of freedom.Regardless of the hungry media, the Royal Family has, without a doubt, managed to tackle every obstacle and political juncture with class and dignity.In the years following her death, The Diana Award Charity announced and currently promotes National Kindness Day, which was moved to Friday, March 31st in 2017 to commemorate the anniversary of the Princess of Wales’ death.

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At the time of her engagement, it was said to be valued at £100,000, and was thought to have originally been given to the Queen Mother on the birth of Elizabeth.