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We have a 10 months baby boy and this crib looks still like a NEW one. happy to be an Ikea member Whether sleeping peacefully or crying to be picked up, an IKEA crib will keep your little one safe and sound.Safety is important, which is why we test our cribs to the strictest safety standards in the world.Research in data warehousing and OLAP has produced important technologies for the design, management and use of information systems for decision support.BI of the future will be significantly different than what the current state-of-the-practice supports.We envision DOLAP 2018 as a venue where novel ideas around these new landscapes of business intelligence and big data are fostered and nurtured and new exiting results are produced, in an attempt to build a strong, vibrant community around these areas.Nineteen DOLAP workshops have been held in the past with great success.

This means that the systems partially guide their users towards data discovery, intuition and system-aided decision making via intelligent techniques and visualization.

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In the back stage, the thrust of the big data era, with the requires that new methods, models, techniques, or architecture are needed to cope with the increasing demand in capacity, data type diversity and responsiveness.

And of course, this does not necessarily mean to re-invent the wheel, but rather, as recommended by Gartner to companies regarding BD adoption, "Build on existing BI programs - don't abandon or segregate them".

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